Aaron Kavlie

Amazon.com just closed my seller account. No warning, no details.

I've been selling used stuff on Amazon.com off and on for well over three years now -- mostly used video games, movies, accessories and such. Despite fairly hefty seller fees, it's been a lot better than the other alternatives for me. Compared to eBay, the listing process is ...

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Comparing internationalization in web frameworks

I've spent the better part of the last six months doing front-end development on a Java project developed with the Spring framework. We're currently going through the process of internationalizing the application. This necessitated spending a fair amount of time combing through all the raw English strings in ...

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Python tip: turn class methods into variables with property()

Let's say you're hashing out a Python model class (Django, TurboGears, anything -- doesn't matter). Following the Skinny Controller, Fat Model approach, you want to add some logic and convenience methods to the model, rather than stuffing them into the one or more controllers.

Here's a basic ...

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Apache logs and logrotate.d

If you maintain a moderately busy site, Apache log files can get out of hand pretty quickly. I moved a site I maintained to a new virtual server on Linode, and after just a couple of weeks access.log had grown to nearly 2GB.

Ubuntu (your distro may vary) has ...

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